Please review and complete the following criteria to be considered for gallery representation:

1) Make sure Art One is the right gallery for you! Does your artwork fit in with what you've seen on our website?


2) Does your desired pricing fit within our range of $50-$1500? If you're unsure about pricing, no worries. We will work with you on this when the time comes!


3) You must be a current high school or college student and/or a local Arizona artist, all ages welcome!


4) Tell us about yourself and history in the arts.


5) Provide sizes, medium, and desired pricing of your artwork.


6) Please only submit artwork produced in the past year. If you work with a variety of mediums, please include them in your submission. 


7) We solely curate our artwork based off what our clientele are looking for.


8) Please understand we receive submissions regularly. If you don't hear a response, please feel free to re-submit at anytime!