Prints available for sale $30, all proceeds donated to Autism Academy

This amazing piece of art was created by one of our extremely talented artists, Sal Cosenza. About a year or two ago Sal reached out with a plan. He wanted to create a piece of art specifically for the Autism Academy for Education & Development.

Art One has been working with the Autism Academy of Phoenix since 2015 and all of the proceeds from their sales are given back to their organization for additional supplies and resources.

Sal decided that not only would he create this piece and donate it to the Autism Academy, but he would also plan to sell prints of the piece for $30 – donating that cash back to the Academy as well.

Sal, you have a huge heart, more of what this world needs. Thank you so much for the opportunity for us to show this piece and give back to a community of artists that bring so much joy into our gallery. Cheers!!

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