The Newlon-Foote Foundation for Student Artists has been operating since 2004.

Provide financial assistance for under-funded public school art programs and public school art departments.

50% of all contributions will be restricted to providing financial assistance for under-funded public school art programs and public school art departments. Examples of such activities would be, providing cameras to local high schools, purchasing paper, paints, clay, canvas and other miscellaneous art class supplies. Other examples could be purchasing art equipment, supplementing art educators’ compensation, and providing funds for art field trips to art galleries and art exhibits. A valid representative of the public school must present to the corporation with a receipt of the funds or goods received.

Offer annual art collegiate

30% of all contributions will be restricted to offering an annual art collegiate scholarship. The scholarship will be limited to providing the awarded student candidates with funds for books, supplies and tuitions. No portion of any contributions will be used for lodging, meals, clothes, or any other personal items. Student candidates will need to apply, in writing by May 1st of each year and awarded candidates will be notified, in writing, by June 1st. Qualified candidates must be pursuing a BFA or MFA and must be able to prove a financial need. Candidates will be awarded funds based upon available restricted contributions. The selection process will be determined by a majority Board of Director vote and will be primarily, but not exclusively, based upon the application, the prior 24 month GPA, artistic talent and financial hardship. Scholarship benefits are limited to $3000 per student per school year. If additional funds are available, smaller scholarships will be awarded. Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the university or college. Only funds for books and supplies may be reimbursed to the student, as long as they can prove current university or college enrollment and provide a copy of the a valid purchase receipt.

Provide free
art supplies for Students in Financial Hardship

20% of all contributions will be restricted for providing free art supplies for financial hardship student artists. Qualified candidates must be currently enrolled in a high school or collegiate level art class and must be able to show proof of a current passing grade. Candidates must also show proof of a personal or supporting family financial hardship. Funds will be limited to available restricted contributions and will be disbursed upon a first come, first serve basis. Fund benefits will be limited to $200 per candidate per calendar year and will be disbursed upon current existing needs only. All disbursements must be supported by a valid receipt of purchases.

Donations payable to:
Newlon-Foote Foundation, 4130 N Marshall Way, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251.
(480) 946-5076 for additional information.

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